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Hat Check Please!



Welcome to my world. :fool: My life is a soap opera. Really. I am the Sixth of Nine children, of extraordinary parents and siblings. I will talk about them using the first letter of their name, and their middle name because, well, they are part of my life and contribute to the chaos. The eldest one is RE. He is divorced, has two children, JS his daughter who is married to KH, they have two children TA and EA. Her brother JR has a daughter ES. Of the divorced ones, my brother RE and his ex wife who has remarried get along great and they love being grand parents. RE is the inventor. He created an electronic tic tac toe game when he was 10, that had thousands of connections and submitted it for the science fair. It was disqualified because they said no child could make something like that on their own. He almost failed high school because he couldn’t tell the mood of the author in English class. He went on to be hired by a company at 19, and they put him through college. He has his PHD, and he invented things, like communication satellites, and he retired when he turned 45, then was hired as a consultant, and has just retired again because he would rather chase after his grand kids. His daughter JS works for a computer development company, and she is blond & belongs on the cover of Vogue. Her brother JR – well, he- designs equipment that makes those little bubble cover things that you find covering most everything now a days. His job has a lot of traveling with it. JR’s wife is a registered nurse. KA is sweet, and they met on line. My father had a chance to meet her, and he really liked her, and that was a good enough reason for JR to marry her because my dad had an excellent knack for knowing who good people were and the bad.The second eldest boy JK is married to RK. RK is a registered nurse for a school district. and they have two sons, (having lost the third as a still born 19 yrs ago.) Their eldest is MS and their youngest is SR. My sis in law RK is a breast cancer survivor of 5 years. My brother JK is a real.. well, pill. When I was 5 he got into my Easter basket and bit the head off of my chocolate horse before I had a chance to even find the basket. Now that we are older and he has grown to be 6 foot six inches tall to my 5 foot four inches, he has developed a grudging respect for me, and my left hook… He is a district manager for an investment firm.The third eldest boy GT is married to PK, and they have no children. She has her Phd. In English, and teaches at a college in the middle of nowhere. My brother GT works with real estate companies fixing up the rental properties after people leave. Its good money, but the work is very hard. My only sister is next in line SM married my brother JK’s best friend. WE followed in his fathers and grand fathers footsteps in the family business. They moved into their 4th house since their marriage many years ago, and – well, they have 50% of the space that Martha Stewart has. Their home could be a B&B, or belong to a governors. They have two daughters EE, and AL. EE is married to DV, and AL is single. (AL had dated a guy in a rock band who wanted her to quit her job and follow him on the circuit, but, she decided on her own it wouldn’t be the smart thing to do.The next Sib is my brother KP, who was married to DM, She is a RN at a drs office and they have a daughter HR. DM is doing everything she can to grind KP into the dirt so that she can have full custody of their daughter. It was her families influence that put their marriage on the rocks, and I will be writing more about this relationship later. KP owns two companies, but because DM is battling him in court, most of the money that he has made is going for child support and to maintain her life style at the country club while he was reduced to sleeping in a back corner room of one of the companies he owned. I am next in line. I never married, was asked twice and thought better of it, and in 2000 I slipped and fell and shattered my wrist, and 5 months later I was DX with Malignant Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer that kills one person every minute, and that 75% of the people who are dx with it die from it. Last year I was dx with glaucoma, and I am slowly losing the ability to see contrasting items. I have other health concerns, but that will be later.My brother JD is younger than my brother KP by two years to the day. (there is one day in the year we are all one year apart, its pretty cool) He was married to KK, and well, it didn’t go well after they were married. (She went to school for her MRS. Degree, and did nothing after that.) More on her later- They have two kids, MR & MM. My brother WJ is next. He married um, 10 yrs ago, and he has a son JRS. My sis in law TAS has a daughter JAS from another relationship, but my brother has adopted her and has had the name changed . He created and owns his own landscaping company. His wife is an RN who is a visiting nurse. They are a wild couple, and yeah, you could say he was the black sheep- but his kids are so sweet, and strong, and straight. Weird huh? . TAS’s father would have her stand in a corner, on her tip toes while he was taking a nap. If she stood on her feet he would take a belt to her until she stood up on her toes again. At 15 she was old enough to say no, that isn’t right. TAS’s parents threw her out when she was 15 yrs old on Christmas eve and told her they were taking the “Tough Love” approach. Well, she was in her bed cloths, had no shoes, no coat or robe, and there was 17 inches of snow on the ground. She walked a mile and a half in her bare feet to her grand mothers house. Her grandmother took her in, and TAS discovered they had thrown her out because they hadn’t purchased any presents for her, just her sibs, (they felt she didn’t deserve them). TAS grand mother was informed that she had to throw TAS out, or she would never “Learn”. TAS grand mother called a friend who was ill, and from then on, TAS took care of him and cleaned his house, and in time was left the house and contents, as well as all of the debt he had incurred. When she became pregnant with JAS her parents called JAS a “mistake”. They didn’t like my brother WJ and did every thing they could to disrupt the bridal shower (didn’t show) they didn’t show up for the wedding though the church was half a block away from the house, and they never came to see their grandson when he was just born in the hospital, and its only now that she has money from her job and they have fixed up the house and have a new car that they come around and make like they are the proud grand parents. The youngest is DA. He is married to KAS, and she has a daughter KMA from another marriage. KAS’s mother lives in a gin bottle. Her brother CS’s wife TS gave birth to a preime last year that lived for two days before dieing. A month ago they had their third child, a little boy who is just 4 pounds now and is doing well. DA’s daughter asked her mother and he for her birthday present if they would stop smoking. That’s all she wanted. DA asked if she wanted him to stop drinking and she said “One thing at a time”More on my family later…Kath


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