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Calling A Bluff.



I live in a comunity that has an open door. if the kid is ill, the neighbors go to the store. almost every other person on the block, including me, has cancer. I also, have a washer and dryer and a person whom I know who lost a child to cancer. Short end of the story is, and it is unfathomable to the people on the board, She came over to do laundry when I was at work, which is ok, and she used my computer which is ok, (I have certain areas blocked out but there was a common web site we would go to ) and she posted something, and it became controversial, and because it came from my computer I got blamed for it. Even after she admitted what she did, it went to ground zero. but the kicker is, there is a post that slams someones sister and i cant stand the bitch anyway, because she was a troll and could still be the rezzie troll and I proved it with the IPs which the moderator ignored the attacks because she had sent him MONEY to the site! :doh: I know that I and my friend and her husband didn't post it. the thing is, the moderator won't take the time to prove it, or disprove it, because he is busy with the upgrade. Why should he help with the truth? I guess what I heard in chat was the truth. about him selling his soul to those who donated. anyone know about tracking cookies??Kath


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