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Three sides to the coin



So, my friend watches ghost hunter *taps* and she answered the survay question regarding the full ghost thingy that showed up on the tape as yes, it was a ghost.

and she gets really really excited .

and I send her a PM- "you know that stuff is all faked..."


Yes, I believe in ghosts, and angels, and people who have seen visions.


I am long enough in the tooth to know about ratings, Gee when something has been on for 9 seasons, and the ratings may or may not be slipping, but they want to hook the audiance into watching it, yeah, a little digital manipulation is possible.

and i take the bigfoot hunter to task for all the faked stuff they use.

third, I did go onto the web page, I read the comments of "did you hear that??" and the audiance is going NO WE DIDN"T BECAUSE OF THE BLOODY MUSIC!!"

*I* have faked ghost photos. I have studied photography extensivly, and I can tell you how alot of it is done.

So now- a person that I have known, and called friend is bent out of shape, so much so, she has unfriended me on facebook, as well as going into her daughters, mothers and sisters account and unfriended me there as well.

as well as pulling out of some areas that we had stuff together and it deeply hurt.

Its taken, I guess 2 days, for her to calm down enough to tell me that my comment was "the last straw" etc.

and I realized two things, A. there was more going on than shes told me, and I just happened to be something she could give the knee jerk reaction to, and B- how I look at people, - and future friends is forever changed.

the way I had looked at people was- people you meet are like blue balls. you meet them, you get to know them, you have fun with them- but one day, you learn they have a red center. (oh the horror) Some people would drop them and run away, but there are others who are accepting of this, and that it didnt matter about the red center, because it is the same ball that you always knew about, and had befriended.

so you can like people at face value, or you can drop them the first sign of trouble.

there is a third edge to the coin, the rim.

I have decided, I am not going to make any more friends, I will make aquaintences, but hold them at arms length-

because- losing - friends - is like -death.

I cried for most of the night, and my husband said I was sobbing in my sleep.

You know the saying about the true friend, with you thick and thin, beside you when you get tossed in jail saying dang that was fun, lets do it again... I thougth this girl, was a true friend.

the funny thing, I know all of her MOAS- Mother of all secrets. - well her major one. You see - I have known her for 20 years. I have known her at her highest and her lowest and when she crossed the line, and with whom. If I went to her community, I could tell her husband, her daughter, - people who respect her and those in her church, and I would have proof of it.

during her first marrage , she had a line she wouldn't cross, but a year into the marrage, she did. she had several affairs, and divorced her "fuddy duddy hubby" on their second aniversary to be with a man who was still older than her, and they married and have a daughter and a white haunted house... and after a year into the marrage, she began to have one affair after another. I know them all, their phones, and where it all happened.

and I was wondering, where does that leave my soul?

I could tell those involved, and it would distroy her, and the perfect family, as well as the family of her lovers.

being a scorpion, I could. but part of me is wanting to be the eagle, to rise above this

still the hurt runs deep.Should things reconcile, It won't ever be the same.



I guess what I said to her, got her thinking, and she sent me a friends request again on face book. I thought for a long while on this, before I accepted it. My stand on friendship, hasn't changed. I am still going to keep her at arm's length and be wary of hings- I do know that this is terrific material for a plot bunny ---in a way, it gives me the freedom to expand all of the what ifs, and no, she will *never* see it, or see what's here- and may be its a good thing to write about stuff like this simply because when it happens, or, god forbid, I go and visit and then end up in a plastic bag in the river, it will give all of you clues to solve what happened. - right?

ah, well, getting a bit sleepy and in a way it saves me a trip or I may make it anyway, I will have to see what the weather is like.



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