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Busy Day Today

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:snore: Had a pretty full day today. Trying to get my Environmental Education Certification...NC has a program where you complete about 250 hours of classes and programs and you become "certified" by the state for EE. I guess it doesn't mean too much, but it's a certificate and it's fun going to classes. (I loved college!) Anyway, I've gotten about 200 hours in the last year; pretty proud of that. To get to my point, I attended a class on "Raptors:Birds of Prey" today-it was fun.Took some pics with my crappy camera of some of the rehab animals we saw. Then my daughter and I took $20.00 out of savings and found an awesome thrift store that gives its proceeds to help spay and neuter pets. Too bad we only had about 20 minutes to shop; I was only a third through the store! :cry: They had kid's bikes for 10 bucks-you can't beat that! Shelby had her bike stolen around X-mas, so maybe we can get her a decent one there. Maybe we'll see her bike eventually! :wtf: Then we came home, and I proceeded to spend about 2 hours going through the myspace.com website looking for interesting people to meet. Shelby was nice enough to sit here and critique everyone for me while she told me she was bored about 100 times! :mabiuswoz'ere: Kids are great!! So anyway, thought I would post a few of the pics here of the birds. Boy, wasn't that just riveting!!! :tongue: Pics of a Golden Steppe Eagle, a Barn Owl, and a Screech Owl...the Screech Owl was so adorable-it looked like a Furby! Only these can bite your face off! :bigsmile:(The lady in the middle pic is my ex-boss-I miss her so much! But that job was unfortunately a summer job! Boo-hoo!) blog-737-1111716736_thumb.jpgblog-737-1111716764_thumb.jpgblog-737-1111716791_thumb.jpg
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O-o-o-h OWLS!

Being a Southerner raised in the country, I can tell you by personal experience that screech owls can induce more fear in someone than any other night creature. All it takes is to let one roost near you at night and suddenly cut loose with their unique vocalizations. You'll think Satan himself is coming for you! I can see why owls had so many superstitions associated with them in days of yore.

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