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Wolfie In A Box...



:clapping: Call me Kookie...a friend of mine is 3rd stage cancer with a very small chance of survival. For most of his life, he stayed put, but now, now that he knows there is a short future, its different.He loves wolves. and I got to thinking when some one said, Oh he wanted a wolfie in a box, and of course sometimes, thoughts just- happen.and I related wolfie in the box to flat stanley, about a little boy who couldn't travel but wanted to see the world.So, he made a drawing of himself and mailed it to his relatives and they took the drawing around to see the places the child could not, and they took photos and sent them back to the child with a travel log.and I was thinking, Why not- flat wolfie?I have a photo that I took of a wolf. and I sketched it larger, and I am going to use paint and color it in, then copy it smaller, and mail it to him, and our friends and let them take the picture about sight seeing and write a travel log and include photos of what was in the neighborhood- and from there- just send him all the pictures.I don't know if he is going to be better soon. if ever better. But its something that - well, he can focus on.besides being ill...Kath


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