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The Big Kiss Goodbye.



Well,My brother KP got a letter from his ex wife and she was letting him know she is asking the church for an anulment. Seems her great uncle is a monsigner , and it would allow her to be remarried in the church and still recieve communion. My brother hasn't been told the grounds for this, but, she has filed charges of child abuse against him last month because, well, Their daughter was running outside allong the rail road ties on the back yard even after KP told her to not do it, and she slipped and fell and scraped up her leg. Mind you medical help was right there. it was in the presence of a person who has the child care clearance certification by the goverment, and a registered nurse who took steps to see that the wound was clear and clean, and taken care of. She didn't even cry. It was a brush burn and she wants to terminate any contact with my niece to my brother.It has all but broken him. I looked on line for the reason why she might get one, and he has the right to know, and prepare whitnesses to prove otherwise, but, I think she is going to go for that he isn't sane. cripes how can you do that to some one you have been married to for 20 yrs?he is more sane than most people I know, and the court says he is sane, and not a drinker, nor has he ever been arrested for drinking or violence, and SHE was the one the court asked to have a mental evaluation of.But her great uncle is a monsigner, and she wrote a check and it will all be her way.greedy evil bitch should be written on her tombstoneKath


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