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And The Band Plays On.....



To save repetition in typing, I have copied my recent entry from my space here..so those of you that actually read this will know I'm not dead...just barely breathing!! HAHAMy daughter has had a great first week home. She got here Sat evening, and Sunday morning she woke up with a fever of 103. Monday was the same, with her fever wavering between 101 and 103, even with Advil every 4 to 6 hours. The doctor said just to wait it out for at least 72 hours. She also had red swellings on her legs and feet. Tuesday morning I said screw this and was at the doctor first thing. They looked at the swellings and took her temp and did bloodwork, but basically they had no answers. They gave her Tylenol and said they would have to wait for the bloodwork to come back. We went to the grocery store to get her some apple juice and chicken soup, and then came home. When we got out of the car, she put a book in her mouth to free her hands, and she cut her inner lip on the book pages. How many of you have put a book in your mouth to use your hands?? At first, her lip swelled a bit, and I told her to put ice on it. The next time I looked, her lip had blown up like she had a botox injection!! We jumped in the car, and flew back to the doctor. They took her back as soon as we walked in the door and within minutes, the doctor gave her a Benadryl shot and prednisone by mouth. He said she was having a localized allergic reaction and asked what had been on the book. "Nothing, other than dirt maybe!" Every nurse and doctor that had been there that morning filed in to look at her, and it felt like we were on some episode of "ER". The doctor said initially that this had nothing to do with the symptoms she had that morning, but I wasn't convinced, and he didn't look too sure of himself either. Poor Shelby was laying there with an icepack on her lip, whining because of the shot she had to have. (She's not much for needles) I'm tapping my feet convinced she had brought some strange disease back from Florida with her, but trying to look calm. (I wasn't too good at that) Shelby still had the strange red places on her feet and legs-different places than that morning. Then the area she had the benadryl shot in her arm started swelling and becoming very red. I showed this to the doctor at which point he said she seemed ultra-sensitive to things touching her and that this was strange.No shit, Sherlock! I said she was never like this before.He got on the phone with a collegue-a doctor of dermatology, and asked us to drive over there right now and he was going to work us in. This doctor basically said Shelby had uticaria, or hives due to a viral infection. He prescribed Allegra and prednisone. This office was also where alot of cosmetic and plastic surgery was performed, and the nurse joked with Shelby saying a lot of women paid big bucks for lips like Shelby had. Shelby laughed and said that she looked like a fish. So this was our day Tuesday. To top it off, I had spent the last of our money buying stuff for Shelby to eat, so I didn't have any to get the presciptions filled. Luckily, I'm taking prednisone until I get my stupid sinuses operated on (they swell up and I can't breathe)- so at least we had that. She's finally broke the high fever, but is still running a low grade fever sometimes during the day. Her other bloodwork won't be back for 7 to 10 days, but her initial CBC (complete blood count) came back with nothing irregular. So, no one really has any definitive answers on what is going on.I am trying to keep at bay the hypochondriac thoughts of something bad, hoping it is just some random viral thing. Her lips have returned to normal, and she didn't have a fever most of the day. I have missed three days of work, and because I don't have benefits that's three days of no pay. I am trying to keep positive, but things like this really weigh you down.I guess life would be really boring if I didn't have events like this to keep me on my toes. If there is a God, he (or she) has a very strange sense of humor.Okay...I got that off my chest and now I feel better. Sorry if I bummed anyone out. I try not to do that, but sometimes life isn't all peaches and cream. Shocker!!

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Love your Blog as always! I always look forward to my son coming home too!

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