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New pet picture added

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Check out the custom content block to the right and down the page to see the newest addition to our menagerie of pets. "Tiger" came to us as another stray. Someone threw a mother cat and two kittens out in our area in the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane when everyone was still recovering from power outages and the like. They took up residence in the wooded area behind my neighbor's house and she began putting food out for them. After a quite a number of days, my neighbor's daughter, a storm refugee from New Orleans, managed to catch the mother cat and kept her confined to take back with her to New Orleans. The two kittens eluded capture.

After the daughter moved back home, my neighbor, who was purchasing a smaller townhouse closer in to town, moved to her new place. I continued putting out food and water for the kittens in hope of gentling them enough to catch. One of the two disappeared; after a couple more weeks of trying to catch the remaining one when he came for food, I gave up on that idea and started putting the food out nearer to our house in hopes of luring the kitten here. It took several more days but suddenly one day there he was and he's not left since.

He's now the gentlest of the three cats. He can be given medicine, treated with flea repellent, etc. without any fuss. The other two pitch a fit and wail like banshees being drawn and quartered if you even suggest doing any 'doctoring' on them.

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SC, it was very sweet of you to give Tiger a home! He looks extremely happy, and so do all your other beautiful pets.

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SC, it was very sweet of you to give Tiger a home! He looks extremely happy, and so do all your other beautiful pets.

Oh, I think he's very happy and considers himself in charge when and where the other cats allow him to be. :yes:

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