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Idle Pre-Christmas chatter

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Plan to do some music at a meeting I'm attending tonight. Going to try to do an acceptably on-key rendering of "For the Sake of Our Brother" from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's album, The Lost Christmas Eve.

Edited for updating: Well, 'the best laid plans...' don't always work out. Couldn't do the song, did do a couple of other, non-seasonal tunes. The meeting/Christmas party was a bit of a bust with only about half the expected attendance. Did meet a friend's son-in-law, who hails from Manchester UK, for the first time.

Speaking of TSB, visit the link below to view the big Christmas video hit from last year, 'Lights,' where Christmas decoration lights on a house were switched on/off in time with TSB's "Wizards in Winter."

Special Christmas link

It has been so warm and sultry here for the last week that it just doesn't seem like the beginning of winter or the Christmas season. Of course, between the reruns of near-ancient Christmas specials on TV and the flood of sales flyers from every store in town, one can't not know it's Christmas.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

:Santa_Claus_elf: :Wreath-2:

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