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Californication Season One



I have always been intrested in Showtime's Californication but i did'nt have an intrest in it even though David Duchovny stars in. Well i sat down with my wife to watch the whole season on DVD and now we are FANS. Duchovny stars as Hank Moody a woman chasing, alcoholic drinking drug addict that is still in love with his girlfriend that left him for a schmuck. Duchovny is able to shed his Fox Mulder persona for this very raunchy cable series. This series is very character driven and the plot lines are quirky and smart. I warn all of you that there is alot of nudity and sexual situations. The raunchy mouth of Hank Moody(Duchovny) puts a cherry on top of this soft-porn series. I highly recommend this series due to Duchovny's acting abilities and his very dry humor. I did notice some ad-libbing from this season perfomer. I give this series 5 out of 5 broken thumbs. My wife and I can't wait for Season Two


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