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Its been ages



Some of you may remember me, and its been ages. What happened was that my laptop went stupid on me and all of the places that I had gone to went with it. Well, there was actually, more to that- I met a friend of a friend and we became involved, and married three years ago. I started writing childrens books and I became involved in Secondlife.com where I build and I hang out and the greatest mystery is, whats going to be on the menu for dinner.

Things have a way of working out. The idiot girl that I had to re train told the tech that I hadn't been showing her things, and then I was chewed out royaly for it, and she called and told me that she had lied to the tech so that he wouldn't yell at her. When I spoke with the tech again, I let him know this,as well as that she had been through training three times. She no longer works at that location.

I did get a chance to make contact with Dave, out of the blue I got an email and I learned that he co owned a restaraunt that he managed during the winter. He owned a house boat, and he had been engaged to be married, but after an accident, the girl stuck around long enough to tell him that she couldnt deal with the injurys. So, he spent time in rehab and got his act together. he is retireing this year, and hes going to make the trip, upriver and bring his boat home.

My niece now runs with a better crowd, and shes in college. She's turned her life around, and as it was pointed out to the school, she's not the bad kid they had to worry about.

It's still hard, even after all of these years remembering what my dad went through. Science is no closer to finding cures for cancer, or the common cold.

I'm involved in a fundraiser this weekend, a burger cook off, and its to raise money for the local hospital. If my team (my husband, niece and I) win, well, cool, and if not, eh, we made a good burger.

Ive a baby bird that ive found, and while its been under 24 hours, its gone into, Im not eating but Im gonna do what birds do- do mode, It may be that it senses our ferret, dunno. its siblings met a grisley fate of sidewalk, and to put it under the bush with the rat snakes wasnt any kinder.

off to see if I can find my old blog stuff, ah, there it is (makes corrections to this post..)



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