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So, this is life.



The other day I found a baby bird at work, and it had bunje jumped from the nest to the pavement below. It had its feathers, and it was in shock and the others who had fallen to the pavement were too young to survive. From the photo that my husband and I took, it was evident that there was some brusing to the leg, and perhaps the breast bone when the bird landed hard. The parents of the baby bird had been pushing them out of the nest for the last few days, and it being a hot summer day, the babies quickly dehydrated on the pavement.

I fed it, micro drop by micro drop, and for over 48 hours the bird my husband had named Chirpy, had survived. It developed an infection though, from the fall, from, - something, and during the night Chirpy died. While I had only known this little creature for two days, and I had tried very hard not to become attached to it, I still cried. Its a wonder there are any birds in the world, with the hardships they would have to endure.

its been like, I dont know- all of the things that could go wrong, do. Its not the roughest of weekends, but its close, and it snowballed in a way, at work yesterday the mulch caught on fire, fanned by the high winds. I spent the better part of an hour running water back and forth and finding the hotspots to hit and then discussing it with the landscapers of what repair needed to be done, and could stone be used and realizeing that I could have placed Chirpy there.

its, not fair.

this is life though,



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