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New Facebook support available at This is who we are!

The Old Man


We're pleased to announce increased support for Facebook at This is who we are! We recently let Mark loose with configuring Facebook Connect which will allow increased exposure, improved facilities and easier interaction and registration for the Millennium community. In similar fashion to our increased Twitter support added in 2010, visitors and existing members at TIWWA can now quickly register and/or sign in with their existing Facebook credentials which will provide the optional ability to sync their Facebook profile picture with their profile picture and/or avatar here at TIWWA as well as their status and "About me" information, again like Twitter can be fully synchronised in the same way.

These options are available in your 'My Settings' pages, available by clicking on the drop down member menu to the right of your name, at the top of the board.

My Settings > Profile tab > Manage Facebook Connect (or Manager Twitter Connect if you prefer)

You will need to connect with Facebook or Twitter before you can configure your options at TIWWA. If you do not see the Facebook button, try logging out of Facebook or Twitter and reloading the page.

The 'Like' and 'Share on Facebook' settings will also be optimised to link to your Facebook page, similar to how the 'Share on Twitter' option links up to your Twitter page if you have Twitter. TIWWA features brand new content sharing tools, letting our members share community content across the internet. We include support for all the major social networking and new aggregation services, and with now Facebook as well as Twitter, our members don't even need to leave our site (other options open a new window instead). We've also included a new sidebar block which shows the most shared content in our community, and you will find improved facilities for liking and sharing content in our Blogs and Downloads section now, with improved support coming in our brand new Gallery application very soon.

To summarise, TIWWA now supports Twitter & Facebook authentication, meaning users can join our community by signing in with their Twitter or Facebook account. They can sync their Twitter profile background with their profile within your community. What's more, status updates made by them can be automatically posted to Twitter and/or Facebook - and their updates from those sites automatically posted to TIWWA.

Don't forget you can also find us at Facebook as The Millennium Group, check us out and don't forget to start Sharing and 'Liking' content!


If you're not into Facebook or Twitter, don't forget you can still use the 'Like' and 'Unlike' buttons by our content to subscribe to content and get update notifications.For example, you can like a Blog, or a Blog entry, or get updates when a download is updated in our Downloads section.


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