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A Few Notes...



Hi guys, Mike here.

I'm just gonna go into a little more detail about myself. My basics are on my introduction post in the Innocents section and I'll copy/paste that info here-

(My name's Mike and I'm a 27 year old Millennium fan and father from Leicestershire, UK.

I first became a fan of the show back in 2001 when I got the X-Files "Millennium" episode on VHS for Christmas. I watched that episode, then the two bonus episodes and was hooked!!! I collected a few more tapes but didn't manage to get the DVDs until my early 20s. The reason for my being late getting into the show was I was more sports orientated, mainly football/soccer, back then.

I'm a creative guy who likes to write. I will not, however, be attempting to contribute to the Virtual Seasons as my main creative strength is in parody-and yes I have parodied Millennium, though not on a public forum. Please don't misunderstand me, I love the show-it's one of my all time favourites-but I have a...erm...gift(?)...curse(?) of finding parody in just about anything, though that doesn't mean I will find (or even try to find) parody in everything.

My first Millennium parody was back in college, year 2001. It was a short story series that I'd email to my college friends and, surprisingly, they liked it.

This was called Frank Black Versus Babar (yes the elephant)

It followed the events of Season 3 and reunited Frank and Jordan with Peter Watts, Mulder and Scully and even Catherine!!! They formed their own Millennium Group to take on the forces of the evil tyrant, Babar!!! Fank even crossed over into my other parody series-Pastilles Of Fruit Man!!! I wrote two twenty five "episode" seasons and had a third planned before I left college, through neccessity (not choice).

After college I dropped my projects. In 2006 I became a fan of Family Guy and, at this point, owned the Millennium box sets. An idea formed in my mind to take Millennium and place it in a Family Guy situation, complete with cutaways (Watts auditioning as Kane's stunt double for See No Evil and Watts replacing the lead singer of Korn were my favourites). I only got as far as concept art and page one of the comic. Maybe I'll have another go at it, maybe not...

My recent parody work can be seen on Youtube-Transformers: The Soap. This is done with toys and I voice 99% of the characters. I'm in the prep stage of Season 3 and have just acquired the Lockdown figure (voiced by Lance Henriksen in Transformers: Animated) so maybe Millennium will find its way into my latest project...

Anyways I've said enough for now. If you disagree with my parodies then I won't mention them here. But it doesn't mean I won't do them...

Any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment, I shall respond. And if you don't think I will...

I want you to make believe...that I can!!!)

I will be as active as possible on the forums here and hope to chat with as many of you as possible. There are a couple of instances, however, where I won't contribute. The first of these is if I have nothing to say on the subject. I'm not just gonna post to bump up my numbers. The second of these is religion. Allow me to elaborate...

I am not a religious person. I'm open to the possibility but would need proof. I have nothing against people who are religious, I feel we are all equal. So, where a topic concerns religion, I'm not gonna embarrass myself or anybody else by attempting to contribute, nor will I make any disparaging remarks. I have known a few truly wonderful people who are religious but it's not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

Above I mentioned that I do parodies. I do some non comedic work as well. I have often flirted with the idea of writing a serious MillenniuM story but don't really know where to begin. In college I wrote an X-Files script based on the 2012 invasion. I don't have it anymore but I remember the first spoken line, spoken my Mulder as he, Scully and Skinner were hiding from Faceless Alien Rebels...

Mulder: See?! Wasn't lying was I?!!!

I am a comic book fan and can draw pretty well. I have had an idea for my own comic book series which I began back in my late teens. Recently my interest has been revived and I also have a comic book adaptation of my Transformers: The Soap: Prologue in mind. I may even do a TIWWA exclusive MillenniuM GuY comic just for you...

My next blog will probably be about MMG and it's predecessor-Frank Black vs. Babar. So, until then, keep make believing...

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Nice post! Always good to learn about another UK based Millennium fan! :ouroborous:

Congratulations on starting a new blog!

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