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Yeah, it's spelt right.Eyegraines. A migraine in your eye. I have unique decorating ideas. Take my bedroom. Outside my bedroom window is a light from my neighbors security light. I don't need a night light in the bathroom, its as bright as daylight in there- and its further away from the bedroom.I am the only one who lives in my house, Ok, well, the ferrets too- and the plecostomus. So, I can decide how I want to do things. I did have a friend who stayed a whole month too long and she said how *dark* my bedroom was. told me to paint it white and get lighter curtans.I said no, she offered to do it for me and I said NO.You see, she never had an Eyegraine.Right now, the curtains that I have are royal blue. I made them from fleace blankets, and hung them. they are a solid panel and it makes the room very dark even on the brightest of days. the walls are light blue. the floor has a carpet of blue, and the bedspread is blue. the furnature... is honey wood. (thats a color not a wood itself, but its pretty)the point is, that the room is dark. and when you have excruciating pain in your eyes and your belly wants to heave, dark, is good. granted, I have to turn on the light when I go in and out, but on days like this, its, ok. I don't want to see much anyway.there are flashes of light sometimes- most distracting. I tried Imatrex- and thought my head was going to explode. the only thing that helps this, is darknesssimple darkness, Kath


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