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Flavouring The Meat



Special 'meat coloured' entry today guys, hope it aint too troublesome to the eye!

Ladies and gentlemen yesterday evening was a real benchmark in UK television for me and whilst it's true to say I am a biased consumer of 'Wire in The Blood' the conclusion of 'Unnatural Vices' stands as one of the rare moments when British Televisions disturbs and disturbs a lot. Working in the medical profession does leave you a little desensitized to sights of blood and flesh and viscera, no more so when you know it aint real anyway, but yesterdays denouement turned my stomach and I thoroughly enjoyed every toe curling second of it. If anyone thinks 'Wire' is afraid to venture into the same murky territories as gore shockers such as 'The Hostel' or 'Paradise Lost' then chaps it's time to revise your thinking and the reason? A stunningly crafted chiller which lead to the startling conclusion that the protagonists MO was to feed his victims 'flavoursome' food whilst slowly dismembering them over a period of weeks and consuming their flesh before them. Yuck on every level and for some reason it failed to inspire cries of 'Hannibal Lector' as it was managed so well it retained a sense of originality despite being no doubt influenced by the character. If I still haven't been successful in increasing anyone's interest in the series check out this fantastic scene when Tony Hill realises what's truly going off........oh and don't worry it aint a gory scene :) Missing Millennium? This is truly the next best thing.....


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I make no apologies, I really should check this show out. I saw the first episode and it was very good but I never got to watch any more.

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