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FAQ about the new Personal Conversations

The Old Man


Here's some extra FAQ regarding the forthcoming major change to the existing PM (personal messaging) system which is to be replaced by the new Personal Converstations (or topics if you like).

  • Will there be a search facility for the personal conversations?

    • How does moderation and reporting work with this? Any way for the admin/moderator to see a complete listing of personal topics?

      You CAN report a personal conversation to a moderator and you can report any reply in the conversation as well. The original content from the database is saved in the report, as well as the ability for anyone handling the report to be able to view the entire conversation through the report system. Also we can simply switch off the ability to invite for specific member groups and they're back to 1 on 1 messaging.

      • What if the topic starter decided to delete the "topic"?

        • What if the user wants to deletes a certain "reply"?
        • You can also delete or edit your own replies, if so desired. It's your prerogative.

            [*]Is the tracking feature will work with the new system?

            Tracking is no longer required. There's a topic participant box to the left of the conversation which shows you who can read the topic and the last time they read it.

              [*]Can you still cc a copy of a message to a new user that's not currently in the conversation?

              A feature to 'cc' a conversation to another user will be added. Also the ability to invite members into existing conversations will be added.

  • Yes, at last there will be a search facility. I currently have over 1000 PM's in my Inbox and Sent Boxes at present, and searching back through them for things is often to time consuming. So with the new system, yes you can search the messages, the specifics of which are not yet finalized. I know many members will find useful.
  • No, they are kept "personal" as per personal messages. We do not invade members privacy.
  • When the topic starter "deletes" the conversation, it will be removed from their inbox but appear as locked for everyone else. Any participant can delete a locked topic.

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