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Computer Is Being Weird Today



A couple of times today, I have had to turn the computer off after I turned it on , and then start it again to get the thing to work properly today. I don't why it is doing that, but this computer (which has passed teh three year point at the end of December) has always been acting weird at times and then it's smooth sailing at other times. I have had started teh system from scratch 3 times and even had parts replaced inside the thing. When this thing was under a computer protection plan, the people who last worked on it said my model of Compaq is one of the problem models. :mabiuswoz'ere: :mabiuswoz'ere: :doh:


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I have a Compaq Presario 5020 (about 6 yr. young) and it goes through spells, too. Have a friend that works for IBM in the Triangle who is supposed to put together a next-to-new model for about $150, so I'm really excited!! I can't wait to toss this thing onto some hard pavement!

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I had to use Quick Restore on my computer. Something was really screwing up the system and my Internet Connection was locked off from dialing it. Some buttons and drivers were missing. So I said to hell with it and did the QR to get my system back. I hate people who send computer viruses through the net (I didn't get it through an attachment because I delete all unknow emails with attachments).

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