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I am thinking I should take the time to watch Millennium from the beginning this summer along with a full reviewing of Battlestar Galactcia. Does anyone watch to watch those episodes with me in tandem wherever they are at and discuss as we make it through the seasons of Millennium and Battlestar Galactcia.

PS I wish Fox would get a third X-Files movie made and do a Frank Black movie (before Lance and Terry are gone from this Earth).

PSS I should post more often in this blog. lol.


I'm happy Halloween is tomorrow. I might get visited by a trick or treater dressed as Lady Gaga. Othe rthan that, I will probably watch some horror movies or maybe see Eraserhead for the first time (had the DVD for about two years) or maybe even The Nightmare Before Christmas or the Millennium Halloween epsiode- "The Curse of Frank Black".So please tell me what you have planned or did for Halloween?


I'm 35 today

It's weird that I'm that old so far. I still look like I'm in my mid-20s. Anyway, I'm going to dinner and a movie (WHITEOUT) with friends tonight. Everyboday have a great day.


I haven't posted in it for about 1 1/2 years. I ought to post at least something here. I have been posting new material for the enterline Media web sites as usual. Also I had an article about the history of the movie theaters of Kalispell, Montana published in the Winter issue of Flathead LIving (they have a web site and yet they haven't updated it to include the winter content). I have a few copies of the magazine for myself.

Then I have been working a credit card customer service rep and sometimes it is entertaining (while at other times the long calls from some people just brings it down a little). I have more photographs to take soon. Projects to work on. I promise to make sure this blog doesn't go iunloved and I least publish something every once ina while in this lonely little blog.


Winn has died.

My favorite buddy, the pomerainin named Winn passed away in his sleep on the morining of my brother's birthday. He would jump up on my bed and sleep beside me. he would play ball anytime and bring back the ball ready to have it thrown again. he was gettinga little slower and he rested more often, but he had that spark in him. I was hoping he would be around for many more years behind teh 2 1/2 years I knew him. he was my Step-Mom's dog, but we grew close. he found a new buddy and he came alive even more as his personality reached new levels.

The accident was just too much for him. The dog will be missed and I was rooting for him to pull through. However, it wasn't going to happen. Rest in peace, my little buddy. I have a ball waiting to throw for you anytime.



my favorite dog got hurt today. He's a fun loving Pomeranian named Winn. He's around 7 or 8 years old. He's my little buddy. He might have to be put to sleep. I just hope he survives this and heals. he has a dislocated leg, a broken pelvis, and he's paralyzed for the moment. He's in no pain now which is good, but I always hoped he would be around for a few more years. Know more on monday. Think good thoughts for the dog.


10 years of Millennium

It occured to me the media hasbn't talked alot about the show being out 10 years ago. I will have to write an article about it and quote some info from some magazine articles I have on Millennium. Stay tuned. I should watch some Millennium again after I watch the first season of Carnivale which I got as a very late birthday present from a friend.


Tomorrow is my birthday

I will be 32 on 9-11-2006. If anyone wants to get me anything (whether it is a DVD on my list you want to see reviewed for the web site or get me to read a digital film making book), they can check on my Amazon.com wish list link over at the ENTERLINE MEDIA blog:


As for the 5th anniversary of 9-11-2001, my heart goes out to anyone who lost someone on that day. However, I think it is past time for all of us to heal and remember the good. Any day should be a good day if we can make it and not have certain days be shrines to the dead that we play over and over again on the TV. I will not do that. I will try to enjoy myself tomorrow night and avoid all 9-11 coverage period. Too bad nothing good ever airs on my birthday anymore. Guess it is time for a good DVD or two.


I'm Here Still

This isn't an active blog like it should be as March 17th was the type of day that just felt dreary. It even rained. The highlight of the day was watching some sci-fi on TV, STARGATE SG-1, part of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK (theatrical cut on HBO), and DOCTOR WHO.

P.S. Programming cellphones with prepaid calling time is a pain in the butt.


It's Crescent Moon...

The first half fo Friday sucked. the second half wasn't too bad. It is a cold night full of stars and a crescent moon. Just had to jump in. Yes, Tonya, I'm around and about. Off to watch some DVDs this weekend and do some writing (a time travel story I thought of today and a magazine article)


Hope everyone has a great Christmas on Sunday.

New reviews are up at the ENTERLINE MEDIA web site while I am working on the DVD review of the GREAT RAID Director's Cut.

December has been kinda of hectic for me, but I hope 2006 will be so much better for me and everyone else.


Friday Wasn't Too Bad

Plenty of DVDs to watch and got an early Christmas present from a friend (a couple of DVDs). Bought WAR OF THE WORLDS previously viewed and watched THE BROTHERS GRIMM DVD tonight (also watched the 15 minutes of deleted scenes). Not a bad way to end the week.


Bad, Bad Week.

Monday afternoon- got caught in blizzard. Took two hours to get home when the drive usually takes one.

Tuesday- Get email from my brother. He says his house burned down. People I'm doing a little work for sent em an email to let me go because other people watching their house can do the job and money's tight on their end as they run a car Wash/Hotel/ RV Park business (they're trying to sell) in Whitehall, Montana.

Wednesday- The usual drop off point to pick up packages is no good. UPS won't deliver out to the current place where I live hence the in town drop off. I won't pick up packages at the Montana Shipping Depot because they charge $3 a package for any package left for pick-up at their place. Rip-off artists. Now I have to meet the UPS and FedEx or find a new place where they can drop packages off in town. I hate Eureka this week. If I had the money, I would move back down to the Flathead Vallery. Hope the rest of the week and year is better.

And also my favorite Uncle (Al in Moses Lake, Washington) went in for open heart surgery last month. He is resting at home with some fluid still in his lungs, but I hope he will continue to recover.

So it has not just been a bad week for family (I haven't even got into the latest problems my Dad is having including the MRI he is scheduled for on Friday). It has been a bad year.

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