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All New Lance Henriksen Magic - Coming Soon From The Team Behind Tiwwa!

The Old Man


As some of you may know, I took over Lance Henriksen Magic a few years back after the original creator suddenly removed the site. The site has been in need of a major overhaul for quite some time, although some improvements have been made and news about Lance Henriksen continues to be posted.

I'm very pleased to confirm that an overhaul of Lance Henriksen Magic is now currently under way, new financial investment will bring a brand-new modern and easy to use social website but better still, I'm excited to announce that the site will now be brought to you with the kind assistance of some very familiar and well-loved names from TIWWA, Mark Hayden (ethsnafu) and Libby!

Mark in particular will be helping me to bring you more news concerning Lance Henriksen and his career on a more frequent basis, whilst Libby will be helping oversee the brand new community forums section of the site.

I can confirm that the site and forums will be very familiar to use as we're using the same amazing software that we use at TIWWA but expect some additional features and differences:A brand new Community Forums - Chat and discuss Lance Henriksen with many more fans beyond the scope of Millennium with full Facebook and Twitter integration, status updates etc.

  • A brand new Community Gallery - Share photos and view images of Lance Henriksen from his many roles such as Bishop in Aliens, upload and share photos of convention appearances live from your iPhone or Android mobile...
  • A brilliant new dedicated Community Videos section - View, share and comment on Vimeo and Youtube video content similar to a gallery featuring Lance related videos, film trailers, video clips, convention videos, fan tribute videos etc. Post a new film trailer for a Lance film and our site will automatically create a new discussion topic for you in the forums
  • A brand new Links Manager - Share and discover links to other Lance Henriksen websites, official movie sites etc.
  • A brand new, extremely powerful but easy to use Content and Articles section which will host our new and existing archive of News Articles, all of the relevant content from the old site and which will allow forum members to rate and add comments directly and easily to news articles.

We're currently very busy setting up the site and importing older content from LHM, so far now please enjoy a few images to wet your appetite until hopefullly we will see you over at Lance Henriksen Magic, our new sister site...


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What wonderful news ! ! ! I am so proud to be a member of the group and consider it a privilege to call you family. :ouroborous:

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I took a look at the page earlier today and it looks awesome guys! If there's anything I can do, let me know.

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Absolutely superb work Graham. I know how hard you have been working to get this together and I join with everyone here in saluting you and looking forward to seeing all the good people here taking a look over there and joining in the fun. I know there's plenty for Lance Henriksen fans to look forward to in the near future. :clapping:

Take a well deserved bow and accept my apologies for being away for a while. I'm rolling up my sleeves as we speak and ready to jump back in.


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