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My Nephew's Band!



:guitar: :guitar:Ok, he's not really my nephew-he's my best friend's son. But I've known him every since he was 9...he's 18 now. Anyway, they have a pretty cool band out of Greensboro...if you have a taste for this kind of music. In the pic, he's the one in the back w/the white shirt on. I've seen them play a show or two. funny..I'm not really into the screaming incoherent lyrics, but the guitarists are awesome,and the music is powerful. If you want to take a listen, they have a website with some MP3's on it. And for those of you that can't access MP3, they have a bio site on purevolume.com with direct downloads of a few of their songs. Check them out and tell me what you think. They are "Those Wo've Yet To Fall",and their website is:http://www.thosewhoveyettofall.com/blog-737-1110341760_thumb.jpg


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Interesting stuff, We are still looking for independent music for our millennium-apocalypse project, would this band be interested in allowing us to use their music in exchange for credit and a spot on the sound track? If so please forward them my email:



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Thanks Jason!!

I copied your message and posted it directly to their message board!! I think that sounds awesome! Hopefully, you'll hear from them. Kenny is their bandleader, and he's a very cool and smart guy. I hope somethings comes out of this--I would feel proud and smug!

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Thanks, I heard from Kenny yesterday and replyed to him, so I will just be waiting to hear from them again, thanks again.


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