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Millennium's Anniversary (Oct 25th)

Event details

This event begins 10/25/2010 and repeats every year forever

Each year we celebrate Millennium's Anniversary. On October 25th 2020 it will have been 24 years since the series premiered and Millennium is still as topical and relevant as it was almost a quarter century ago, when Millennium first premiered on October 25th way back in 1996.

However you choose to celebrate, consider starting a new run of episode watching tonight in tribute of this wonderful series and of the creative talents of Millennium's cast and crew.

This is who we are :Ouroborous_Large:

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What's everyone doing for the 20th anniversary? I'll definitely be having a MillenniuM themed night! And this year, for Halloween, I'll be going as Legion (Gehenna Devil) that I made in honor of the anniversary. Can't believe it's been 20 years!

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I so miss the days when Mark was here and we'd actually have celebrations with many people participating.  And, our Skype talks were so anticipated.  I have recordings of them that I would like to share.  I need to check their size and see if they can be posted here for others to listen to them.  There's bound to be a place, even if it's on the sister info site.  Such fun times we had.

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Incredible that it's been twenty years! Will be starting a new repeat run tonight hopefully with the pilot.

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