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Just when everything was going terribly wrong yesterday i looked outside my door and there was a beautiful rainbow over my home and the sunset was gorgeous.

Yesterday my AC unit went out again in the middle of one of the hottest summers ever, found out from my doctor that i have to see a gynocologist today for some female problems i have been having and my husband keeps reminding me that the laptop he is letting me use is still HIS and not MINE. MY pretty pink laptop is dead and not fixable and right now i cannot afford a new one especially if we have to buy a new AC unit. Ugh! what a day!

So after the storms we had yesterday i went outside and saw a very beautiful ranibow over top my home and a very pretty sunset and i took some pics of it, i hope you can see them, my phone is not the greatest but it works. :)

Laura :)


When i was growing up we had one family car that my dad took to work everyday and my mom didn't drive so we just walked everywhere we wanted to go. We would walk to town, to the store, to friends houses and occassionally if the tirp was too far we would search our sofa for loose change for gas money for a friend to pick us up, back in the day when gas was cheap and you could buy a gallon or two with change from your sofa. bigsmile.gif

Well it is different times now and this generation is different, nobody goes outside anymore and we all communicate through text messages or computer email or facebookwhistling.gif but my son just got a job around town at the local hot dog/ice cream stand and this said stand is only about 6 blocks away and im streching it to say that. Well, im at a point in my life now to where i have one adult daughter and one almost adult son who is graduating high school next month, God willing, and will be on his way out of the nest but i don't dare cross my fingers cause his sister still lives at home. confused.gifconfused.gif and this is my time, i would like to think. Time for me to do something for myself, ive been a stay at home mom for a long time and now i would like to find a job and have some time to myself and i guess i will include my husband too, cause we want to start doing more things together and possibly do some traveling, so i got off topic but i had to explain myself, my son asked me since he got a job he would need the car to get back and forth to work, I looked at him and said Son, you can walk to work it is only 6 blocks away, do you know when i was your age........ blah blah blah is all he heard im sure and then turns around and looks at me like im asking him to walk to Siberia or something.. devil_01.gif It was like OMG call Oprah or the nightly news, mother abuses son by making him actually walk to work.. devil_01.gif

I know we have all heard the when i was your age speeches from our parents and now im doing it too but really come on, 6 blocks is nothing, when i was his age we use to run...... blah blah blah........ makingeyes.gif


Well im not sure what everyone calls them but I call them the trash man or the garbage man and he comes every Tuesday morning, early to pick up my weeks worth of garbage. It is my 17 year old sons job to take out the trash, mow the lawn and make sure that the trash cans or bins are at the curb every Tuesday morning before pickup. I should have known better but last night being Monday night my son had his girlfriend over and in reminding him about the said trash cans, i think i would have had more response out of my cat, but he promised he would take care of the them so while he was taking his girlfriend home i went to bed happy in the fact that this said chore would happen. thumbsup.gif

So, today being an election day for me i slept in cause he didn't have school this morning and I thought this is going to be nice cause i don't sleep much as it is and getting to sleep in is a real treat. Well not so much, i was awakened by the sound of the garbage truck banging around on the street over from me. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran out my back door to see if the said chore had been done and not to my surprise it hadn't. confused.gif I ran back inside hurridly put on my flip flops becasue contrary to popular belief i do wear shoes from time to time and ran outside grabbed the trash cans and ran them to the curb. angryred.gif Do you know how unexciteable Eyeeore pajamas really are? Not a hoot nor a holler, nor a wink or a whistle from said garbage men, i thought i would at least get a nod but no, trash was collected and on their merry way. grinning.gif

I guess I will wear my Madonna rocket bra to mow the lawn! whistling.gif


I see nothing wrong with a burger at midnight, who would agree? LOL My husband wouldn't. Me wanting a quarter pounder at midnight turned into a disagreement about how fattening that might be, lol i disagree, i think it would be delicious, this coming from someone who ate a whole tub of popcorn with butter, large coke and a snickers candy bar at midnight during the Elm Street premiere. See, i use to work midnights and we would eat all the time, burgers, fries, full course meals, lol and never bothered me. I can pretty much eat anything at anytime. I love to eat, i figure God wouldn't make food so good if he didn't want us to enjoy it. bigsmile.gif So to keep peace and appease the food police(my husband) i ate a double hamburger and coke,confused.gif not the same, now where are those brownies i made earlier? lol biggrin.gif

I know short pointless blog entry but i felt the need to vent and see who agrees with me. :) thumbsup.gif

Laura :)


Job hunting at 40 is not fun at all especially in these times, when nobody is hiring and everyone is laying off. I was very fortunate that i have been a stay at home mom for several years now and only working here and there when i needed too or wanted too. It did give me a chance to go to college and finish but im finding it very hard to get back into the work force being out for so long and even having a degree is not helping. If only life experience would count toward job experience i would be over qualified. lol Ive done a little bit of everything and experienced a lot of different situations in life. Ive been poor to homeless, lived on family assistance had children at a very young age, 20 and 23 and then to having my own home and living a comfortable life. My husband and I have both worked very hard to get where we are today in life both coming from very humble beginnings. Ive done various jobs as well, ive been a receptionist, fast food worker, house sitter, dog sitter, yardworker, Emergency Room worker where i worked for a group of ER Docs that i did a little bit of everything for, from running errands, patient charts, typing, filing, answering phones, talking to patients, running to the morgue(fun) and even reading EKG printouts, yes, the docs would teach us to read an EKG printout because they would be busy on Ebay or flirting with a nurse, how scary is that. lol I have also been PTA Vice President in school, a Girl Scout Leader and I can also sat a toilet, experience coming from my many plumbing problems in the house. lol I have applied at several places in town and still nothing, if only they could see how bright, worthy, reliable and talented i really am and how much i could offer. I should take my sister's suggesstion and apply at Hooters but i don't think they are ready for a 40 yeard old fluffy waitress yet, maybe one day. lol :) I guess i will just wait around and see what comes my way. :) I believe in fate and karma so i will wait to see what the fates have in store for me. :)

Laura :)



Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be Queen or King of your own land? After a recent discussion of this with a friend I thought about what every little girl dreams of, being a princess in a faraway land and here is what i came up with.

Pink would be the national color, chocolate would be in everyone's home and coffee would be the national drink.

The whole month of October would be a celebration of all thinks spooky with everyone having the month off. Everyone would have lots of food and drinks so they could eat, drink and be merry and it would be a happy place with sunny days and thunderstorms at night. Everyone would have a pet of their choice and love and hugs would be mandatory.

This is just a start and im sure i will think of more in my land of Pink. makingeyes.gif

My blog entry may not be everyday or even weekly and somedays it may be ramblings of a mad pink hatted lady but i hope you enjoy.


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