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"Our new Yellow House." *** Move, new people, etc

Raven Wolf


Well, after a lot of struggle, and some finagling, we are now about to start the moving process to the house I have placed a few pictures here of, and that we've talked about remodeling. They dragged this out as long as they could, and almost screwed us out of this place as well. Terry had some trouble with his heart back in September, and has been on temp. disability. They tried to use that as a way of denying us the loan. Our real estate agent pulled some strings, and since the seller is desperate, with TWO mortgages, we will be paying his mortgage as "rent" until Terry gets back to work....which should be any time now. Then, we can finally close on the house.

I will, regrettably, be offline during the last part of the move, while we try to get net service again.

In other news, some of you may have seen me mention "Chris" in some posts here on the board. Christopher Stone is a very close friend of mine. We met through MySpace back in June. In July, after a terrible physical assault by Chris' roommate, he came here to live with me and Terry. I brought him here on July 5th, and he's been here ever since. Chris and I are closer than 2 friends could ever be, and he will be making the move with us.

Below, see 2 pictures of the house, and me and Chris.






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That is fantastic news! Congratulations on your new abode! Its looks lovely and I reckon you'll all be very happy there!

PM me your new address when you get chance!

Great photos by the way!



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I know you have been waiting for this for a very long time!! (huggles)

Best of luck with everything!


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