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OH, I has been PUBLISHED!! (sorta)

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So, I have been looking for a way to get my writings into the REAL world, and a forum to do that. I mean, short of just doing the self publishing thing, (which IMHO if you make a mistake your pretty well screwed) getting noticed by a publisher is pretty difficult.

Unless you happen to find a website that hosts books. *tada*

I had followed a link that a friend sent me and I was looking at it and thought Hmmm, I could do this. I looked it over and saw *free*. Free is good.

So I figured out how to upload my stuff, and I did. Well, two of the stories. (sigh)

I have the stories already published in SL, and I have them on chips (somewhere) in the pile of chips that I have for this computer because I try to back up everything... but last week my keyboard slipped off of the table when I had turned ont he computer, banged the F11 key and wiped out my entire hard drive... (SOB)

I am in the process of rebuilding the files. Its going to take time, but, hey, it works, for now.

If you want to read the storys, I ask that you just let me know what you think. You can find them here (The Hatchling Chronical)

and here... (Anne Hedgehog)

They are childrens storys, and will be followed by more when I find the art for them



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