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Millennium Gadgets Pack (for Rainmeter Windows) 2.1.1

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V2.1.1 Now Available! See the What's New section for more details!

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About This File

Millennium Gadgets Pack (requires Rainmeter and Windows 7 or later)

This Millennium download has been updated and now contains a suite (pack) of Millennium-inspired gadgets which run on the free Rainmeter theming platform for Windows.

The pack includes 8 Millennium inspired gadgets, with additional variants (total of 10 designs).

  • Frank Black Millennium Countdown
  • Halloween 'Spooky' Frank Black Millennium Countdown
  • Halloween Pumpkin Millennium Countdown
    with 2 selectable variations: animated with flickering candle (art by @ethsnafu) and standard, non-animated version.
  • Lucy Butler Millennium Countdown
    with 2 selectable variations: choice of 2 scenes from Antipas
  • Halloween 'Spooky Lucy Butler' Animated Millennium Countdown
  • Ouroborous 'All-In-1' Millennium Countdown
    with choice of 4 selectable variations including standard gold Ouroborous, an animated rotating Ouroborous, and the popular Owls hacked version of the Ouroborous available in 2 matching white or gold text versions.
  • Owls Ouroborous Millennium Countdown
    A stand-alone variation featuring the popular Owls hacked version of the Millennium Group's Ouroborous branding available in 2 matching white or gold text versions.
  • Animated Ouroborous Millennium Countdown
    A stand-alone variation with an animated rotating Ouroborous.


These Countdown gadgets can be installed on modern, recent versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, 8x, 10 (after Rainmeter is installed first).

The gadgets feature images inspired by Millennium, a 'Welcome Message' from the Millennium Group, your name (optional) and the 'number of days remaining' (you can edit the countdown date/time,) all inspired by Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

Here's a video to show you how they work... that Festive wallpaper is not included!



  • Millenniumistic! Our interactive Countdown gadgets feature images from Millennium television series, the default gadget is of Millennium Group criminal profiler Frank Black and is the first one made.
  • Display as many as you like, 1 or all of the gadgets, you tweak each with different names and countdown times.
  • Easy to personalise - Just click on the 'Welcome Frank' greeting to display your own name instead (max 16 letters) . After a few seconds, the gadget will update with the new name.
  • Days Remaining Countdown - Upon first install, displays the current number of days remaining in Millennium-inspired style until next New Year's Day or Halloween.
    Just click on the countdown to change the date/time of your event. After a few seconds, the gadget will update with the new time.
  • TIWWA Site Link - Clicking the image on the gadget triggers the booming Millennium style drum sound and takes you to straight to our Millennium community forums (TIWWA) via your current default internet browser.
  • Automatic saving - The gadget will remember your customised settings (name, target date) whenever you restart your computer (if you have the default setting enabled in Rainmeter to load Rainmeter when you start Windows).
  • Drag and drop anywhere on your desktop. Rainmeter will remember where you left the gadget so it will appear in the same place, when you next restart Windows. You can also save your desktop layout as a new layout within Rainmeter, with or without your current desktop background.



  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 10 and later.
  • Rainmeter, the best known and most popular desktop customization program for Windows which uses very little CPU and RAM resources and will run perfectly well on any supported hardware. Rainmeter is free and open source.
    Remember to please download and install Rainmeter first, then afterwards you can install our gadgets. Available from https://www.rainmeter.net/

For more hints and guidance on using our gadgets, how to display more than or choose different styles on some gadgets, please see this handy pinned topic:-


How to install

  1. First install the latest free version of Rainmeter software from the official Rainmeter site. 
    You can download it for free from https://www.rainmeter.net/
  2. After Rainmeter is installed, it shows you a welcome message skin and demo widgets. You can close off/disable them (and any others you don't want visible) by right-clicking on them, and selecting Unload. 
  3. Download the latest Millennium Gadget pack from here, then double-click on it to install (it should open automatically in Rainmeter).

How to configure

  1. Place them where you like!
    You can click, drag and drop the gadgets to move to any desktop area of any monitor you have. Rainmeter will remember its position.
  2. Change the name!
    You can change the name shown from Frank to your own, simply click on the "Welcome Frank" message and following the instructions.
  3. Change the countdown date and time!
    You can change the countdown timer's target date by clicking on the current countdown message and following the instructions to enter a new future event date/time. The gadget will ask you for the year, month, day, hour and minute. E.g. So for midnight on 18th March, 2019, enter 19, followed by 03, followed by 18, followed by 00, followed by 00. The gadget then refreshes after a few seconds with the new setting. Easy peasy.
  4. Right click on any gadgets to unload, view any additional variations, themes and animations as per the Support Topic and shown in the video. 


MILLENNIUM and all related characters are © Copyright Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.


What's New in Version 2.1.1


This download contains a suite of various Millennium-style gadgets/widgets.
You can add or try other skins/gadgets from the pack, and customise and personalise them if you want to.
Whether you want one on display, or the maximum amount, it's up to you.

Fresh install: Firstly download and install Rainmeter, then download this gadget pack file, once downloaded double-click the file to start the installer. More guidance and tips available here.

To upgrade: If you already have Rainmeter and a previous version of the gadget pack installed, just download this new version and double-click the file to open it. The installer will add any new skins, remove any outdated versions and overwrite the previous version for you.
(Only gadgets in the M-TIWWA pack will be affected, it won't remove any other gadgets you may have installed.)


V2.1.1 Nov 22 2018
    Halloween Countdowns Only - Default initial countdown dates updated to Halloween 2019, so you don't have to.

V2.1 Oct 03 2018

  • Default initial countdown dates updated to 2018 and Halloween 2018 for Halloween versions.
  • CPU performance enhancements (uses less system resources).
  • Visual tweaks, new fonts and misc improvements, less text clutter.
  • All existing gadgets updated to v2.1
  • More flexible display options - Additional 3 gadgets and variations also available separate, so now you can have up to 8 gadgets on display at same time, with different variations and countdown dates.
    For example, you are no longer limited to one type of Ouroborus countdown displayed at a time (static, animated, Owls version etc), you can have any and all variations on display at the same time, all with different countdown dates and times if you wish.
  • New - Halloween Spooky Lucy Butler countdown gadget, watch for the subtle, creepy animation.
  • New - Additional static Lucy Butler Antipas variation added to Lucy Butler gadget.
  • New - Ouroborous (All-in1) Countdown, 2.1 now has choice of 4 selectable variations, including standard Ouroborous, an animated rotating Ouroborous and the popular Owls hacked version of the Ouroborous.
  • The Owls variation now has choice of gold or matching white text.
  • New - stand-alone Owls and Rotating Ouroborus added as separate gadgets.

Previous V2.0

  • Frank Black Countdown 2.0
  • Halloween 'Spooky' Frank Black Countdown 2.0 (new)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Countdown 2.0 (new) with 2 selectable variations, animated with flickering candle and standard non-animated version.
  • Lucy Butler Countdown 2.0 (new)
  • Ouroborous Countdown 2.0 (new) with 3 selectable variations including standard gold Ouroborous, an animated rotating Ouroborous and the popular Owls version of the Ouroborous. 


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