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This Is Who We Are...

Raven Wolf


I'm writing a movie plot here in my blog. It will not be "Millennium-themed". It will be a totaly made up romantic movie, loosly inspired by some past experiences in my life.If I get it done, and get up the nerve, I'll open it up so others can read it here. :ouro:


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Looking forward to it, RavenWolf! I've missed your writings!!


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Hmmmm.  Interesting.  Good Luck.

Thank you.

Good luck! Looking forward to reading it!

Thanks, Graham. I would have gotton something started in here, but Jason was asking me if I had ideas for a new movie-progect, & I pitched this same story idea to him. I'm waiting for him to get back to me before I start it here. I made that intro post about a day before he & I started to talk about other progects, and this idea came to mind.

Also, I'm a bit nervous... About the subject material. You know what they say, sometimes, the best stories are just right in front of you!

Testing Show All smilies. :kissing:  :devil:  :praying:

:kissypoo::angel2::ta_clap: WOO-HOO! They finaly work!

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Wow! I don't know how this works but Wow! :clapping:

I love your writing! Is there more?

I know what you mean about addicted. I always come back to TIWWA. I may not be up on all the new stuff, But I can count on getting lost in the board and all the fantastic people here.

Erin you are really finding the path Alex talked about ... be proud!

... and please, keep writing!!



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Erin you are really finding the path Alex talked about ... be proud!

... and please, keep writing!!



I don't know about the "path". Most days I feel stuck in the starting gate, with a blindfold over my eyes.

Thanks for the encouragement about the story/autobiography. I've been meaning to get back to it. Just been overwhelmed with too much energy-draining stresses lately.

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