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Dagger In The Heart

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Question: why does it feel like someone stuck a dagger in your heart when someone you liked a little bit goes out fo the way to mention she met someone while on vacation? It just stings. Some people build up these barriers. Is it like their way of doing things when it comes to interacting with people? Do they do it to get some reaction out of someone? Do they say it to hurt someone because they know they can hurt that person or they just go about it way too hard like "I shall never be yours. Suffer now and don't pass Go to collect $200."?I love people being straight with their words. Some way people say or do things just don't make me happy. Did someone twist them to think this way? Does it have to do with the types of friends they hung out with or the belief systems they learned from their parents? I do get along with many people, but I usually keep it to myself if someone says something that gets me a little irked. It's not worth it charging into a battle of words.

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I'm sorry, David. I've asked myself very similar questions in the past. Why people have to create these little "dramas" I'll never fully understand. Yes...there IS a psychological/spiritual reason, but it just isn't much concellation, is it.

Hugs to you, my friend. :grouphug:

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Been there-done that...some people have abandonment issues and unconsciously look for new mates even while beginning a relationship with someone else. they may care about you deeply, but they will not allow you to hurt or leave them-they cannot handle this. Therefore, they almost always dump you first or have someone on the backburner so they won't be alone. And if they mess around on you, that's winning to them because you did not do it to them. No, it makes no sense..only in the dysfunctional mind. It's a defense mechanism, and yes, it sucks. It really hurts the person because they are never honest with themselves and of course it hurts the other person that has had to deal with this. All I can say is the old irritating adage "there are more fish in the sea" and tell you to hold your head up!!

:jumping: (that'll be 50 bucks!! :wtf: )

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