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Additions to the family...

Raven Wolf


When we had signed the contract for the house we were supposed to get, I went out on a limb & bought 3 Pygmy goats, asking that they be held at the farm where I got them until we'd moved in and put in a pasture. It's long been a dream of mine (along with many more) to have a small 'farm', of slightly a slightly eccentric nature. Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats, Peacocks, herbs and a fruit orchard. So....when the house purchase fell through, I ended up with 3 goats living here in the tiny dog pin where we are right now...until we can find another house (2 more to look at, besides the one pictured here, then we'll decide). So....I just wanted to show them off to the members here. Now, along with my dog/spirit guide "Spencer", my little 'farm' is starting to take shape! :fool:


This is Napoleon. So named because (a-hem...bad joke on the way) He's little, but he's got big balls! :censored:


"Baphomet". Named for a pagon god-like/goat like figure.


My best friend Chris with "Esther". Named after the character in The X Files, Kill Switch. Why? Just because I thought it was cool....


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