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Lance Henriksen's 70th - a sincere Thank You to all who helped!

The Old Man



Once again (following the recent Easter activities), TIWWA's special team of community volunteers, our honourable TIWWA Blackcoats, have served us proud!

The recent celebration of Lance Henriksen's 70th birthday was superb and I cannot thank the Blackcoats enough. Similarly, I want to thank everyone who took part, contributed content and helped to publicise the events on their websites including the Millennium Facebook Group, websites in the X-Files community and of course Frank Spotnitz's Big Light Productions.

The feedback has been superb and inspirational! The fantastic video's Frank's Finest Moments by Dirt and 35 Years of Lance Henriksen by Josef were simply unmissable!

If you missed it, fear not, all of the special content including the birthday messages and videos from Mark Snow, M R Sellars, Brett Hart, Peter Outerbridge, Marshall Bell etc are still available to enjoy in our special and permanent archived forum.

About our TIWWA Blackcoats

The TIWWA Blackcoats are regular contributor members of TIWWA who have gone the extra mile and kindly volunteered to help create special content (fun, games, events etc) in order to celebrate, promote or highlight special events or seasonal themes. They take their name from Millennium's criminal profiler Frank Black, and inspiration from the famous Redcoats (its a Brit thing!).

It's important for us to acknowledge and highlight their support within the community, and so a special member group was created called TIWWA Blackcoats which has a higher level of upload attachment space, great capacity for PM's etc. TIWWA Blackcoats are instantly recognisable by having a special badge next to their posts, and have their own special project forums where they can plan and discuss events.

TIWWA's Blackcoat Members

The Blackcoats currently consist of the following members:

  • ethsnafu
  • Earthnut
  • WaveCrest
  • Walkabout
  • donkeyjote
  • XFLexiconMatt
  • SpooktalkGiGi
  • ty7du
  • Blackoil

To join the Blackcoats, simply contact Ethsnafu or any other member of our Elder moderating team, and we'll add you to the TIWWA Blackcoats as soon as we can.

My sincerest gratitude is extended to Mark (ethsanfu) for overseeing and managing the TIWWA Blackcoat volunteers, and for his time, energy and support in coordinating the celebrations to mark Lance Henriksen's 70th Birthday.


Recommended Comments

Congratulations to all those who are currently sporting a Blackcoat badge as a way of thanking you all for your support, your hard work and your continuing contribution to the Millennium Fan Community. You guys make this community what it is and we all thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for that.

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The pleasure was all mine, it's fun creating those videos, see what I can do with an idea of mine.

Woah, special privileges, thank you very much. See how much power you've given to Mabius, you'll be bound to regret this, LOL! :D

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It is a joy and honor to be a member of the Blackcoats, and being able to contribute something. I extend a special thank you to Graham and Mark for the 200% that they give. We wouldn't be here if you two precious men didn't have caring hearts, and make it a point to set time aside.

Blessings and love to everyone. What a wonderful group of people we have here. ouroborous.gif

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  • Elders (Admins)

Thanks! I feel a (Millennium) group hug coming on, in the shape of an Ouroborus!

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Thank you Eth and Graham. :) Im not sure i understand what all that extra special stuff means but i'll take it. lol makingeyes.gif :)

Laura :)

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Guest WaveCrest


A well deserved round of applause is in order! :cool: *claps*

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You guys truly deserve being recognised for your commitment and your dedication and for always going that extra mile to support this community and, more importantly, Millennium.

I have to say, as far as fansites go, you do us, and Millennium proud.

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