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Frank Black - It is prophesied
Credit Frank Jr. and Fox

Frank Black - It is prophesied

Frank Black Jr


Frank Jr. and Fox

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    • By Jabbapop
      After Season 2 knocked off with Frank Black's hair shot Moses white, I was eager to see a S3 Frank in some strange space, but instead we got these close-cut brown strands... But as the season progressed we saw him shed the pretense.  Alas, after the trauma, his hair was dyed, and in the stress he just gave up trying to maintain its color.
      It's a simple premise, but creates continuity watching on the screen. Season 3 was a bit of a reset, but not quite. There WAS a very real life changing event at the end of Season 2, and as much as we can try to cover that up to maintain traction, the treads wear. This is Frank Black we're talking about. A dedicated and brutality honest man. We begin the season with a lie, that everything is okay, and as time goes on we see the conflict more clearly. Both in the ideas on screen and in the motif of Frank Black's white hair.
    • By Frank Black Jr
      I always liked the name "The Frank Black files" to do a show specially because the name "Millennium", obviously wouldn't have any sense now. So I did a couple of pics just to see how it could look nowadays. Klea and Lance.
    • By Frank Black Jr
      I did this for Lance´s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The painting is from Francis Danby. It is called "The Deluge".
    • By Frank Black Jr
      I really like this one because this is our hero in the year 2015/2016. When I tweeted this photo I've said: "This is the face of the only TV hero worth watching: Lance as Frank". I still believe is true.
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