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Hotmail Is Irking Me



Anyone else having problems with hotmail? It seems to be running extremely slow for me. Everything else if running along at the usual speed except hotmail. grrrrrr.


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I haven't used Hotmail for some time in fact the only reason I use it is to keep an account for MSN Instant Messenger when I need to use it. If you only use is email, have you considered GMAIL? You get a massive 2GB of storage for free.

Contact me if you need a GMAIL invite and I'll send you one.

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I have a gmail account, but I like keeping that one private. The hotmail addy is like my public (and ENTERLINE MEDIA's) email where Yahoo is my personal (and business) email. Gmail is like my storage for back up copies of some of my stories and reviews/articles.

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I hear ya'. I haven't been giving out my gmail address to just anybody. As far as hotmail, sometimes it just seems to have some kind of internet version of PMS. :devil: It's been ok lately, though. Are you still having trouble?

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