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Emoticon alert!

The Old Man


Thanks to a very long awaited feature in our latest software version at TIWWA, which provides much better smiley/emoticon management by way of categories and drag and drop re-ordering, I've finally been able re-organise the very mixed up smilies at TIWWA.

We now have a General Category (for small everyday small smilies), and brand new categories for seasonal, fun, holiday etc themed smilies including Halloween, Christmas, Food themed etc.

This should make it a lot easier to find your preferred smiley of choice to suit your post and mood, and.... Millennium drum roll.... I've added dozens of new themed smilies and emoticons, as well as removing some of the more boring ones.

Simply click on the Emoticon button when posting your content to bring up the Emoticon list. You can quickly jump to a specific category and your most recently used emoticons/smilies will show at the top of the list for convenience.

I hope the new categories and emoticons make for a better posting and reading experience here at TIWWA.

This Is Who We Are

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Wow ! ! !   It's great having them separated.  Love some of the new ones.  :scared-ghost-smiley-emoticon:  Thank you.    :cute-pumpkin:

Food moving and dancing is creepy.  :dancing-turkey:  :onion-smiley-emoticon:

Interesting, I forgot that Pootsie was a ghost and why it's with Halloween.

Hey, sorry, but I have a :252:.  How time consuming would it be to put all the holidays last, and the few MLM and everyday emoticons first:252:  We so need more MLM emoticons.  St. Patrick's Day and Halloween are at the end, and man, there sure is a lot of Christmas.    Holidays are once a year, whereas we use the others every day.  Also, I couldn't find the "Thank you" emoticon when I wanted to use it to thank "you" for all of your hard work.


Wow, look at all the "Thank You" emoticons here ~ Thank You Emoticons

Oops, just noticed, some are repeated, like the flags. :Canada: :Italy: :Mexico: :United_States:

Again, thank you for all that you do.   Image result for rose and heart emoticons

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Hi Darlene,

I agree with that, good idea. I just put them alphabetical order after the General ones.

Yes I noticed some duplicates remaining, same image but some are gif and other is png image for some reason!

Loving that dancing turkey!

Edited by The Old Man
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I've just had a lightbulb moment. I'd noticed that some members had incorporated emoticons that I couldn't see in the emoticon list. For example: :woot: , and :thumbsup:. And then I noticed that there's a "find emoticon" box when I click on the emoticon icon. So I typed in "fool" - and there it is! :fool:


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That's great, but on the other hand, then there's the problem of possibly forgetting the name of the smiley.  I have to admit, that would be my problem.

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The idea is that all the smilies are clickable but you can jump to a specific category, so I'll have to figure out why the fool isn't showing.

I had some smilies fail to upload (it just said failed) and after several attempts they still refused to upload so I skipped those. I couldn't see anything wrong with them.


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Now I get it! The fool smiley is in the General category where I'd put it, but it only shows the first few in each category to make the pop up window more manageable. You can either click on the Category menu and choose say General to see them all, or if you know the name you can do a search. Recently used smilies appear at the top for convenience.

The only thing missing is the option for Admin (or Members) to hide a category such as Christmas at other times of the year when they're not so relevant.

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I know I can speak for all of us here when I say thank you to you Graham, and Libby, for all of your work here.  It is greatly appreciated.

  :signthankspin:  :notworthy:

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thanks for all the 'tweeking ' , now it feels like home again :woot: :fool:   

Edited by Walkabout
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