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  1. Millennium Gadgets (Win10)

    A collection of free Millennium inspired desktop gadgets/widgets for Windows 10 with Rainmeter, created by The Old Man.

    You can add your own name, countdown date to show the days remaining. Drag and position them anywhere, across multiple monitors. Add, remove or personalise them at any time.

    Requires the free and lightweight Rainmeter desktop theming platform.

    Simply install Rainmeter first, then install our latest Millennium gadget pack.

  2. Millennium Inspired Music

    Music inspired by Chris Carter's Millennium television series, created by fans of the series that you don't want to miss!

    You are welcome to upload your own Millennium inspired music to share.

  3. Millennium Audio Sound Files

    Sounds and audio files inspired by Chris Carter's Millennium television series. You are welcome to upload your own Millennium related audio files to share.

  4. Millennium Screen Savers

    A collection of Millennium-themed screen savers. Share your own Millennium screen savers by uploading them into this category.

    The copyright for these files remains with the person/s who created them, therefore Millennium - This is who we are.net takes no credit for their design, only for the files created by ourselves. Similarly we cannot guarantee technical assistance but will try to assist where possible.

  5. Millennium Themes

    Millennium inspired software skins and themes for your computer, phones and other hand-held devices, media player software such as WinAmp and Windows Media Player.

    You are welcome to upload your own Millennium related files to share.

  6. Miscellaneous

    Not sure which category to upload your file into our Downloads section? Please use this miscellaneous category.

    If necessary we can move your file afterwards for you.

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