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Now here's one that REALLY sounds like fodder for a MM episode

Guest SouthernCelt

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Guest SouthernCelt

Officer Suspended Over Graphic Web Site

A little teaser from the article:

The Web page, which has been removed from MySpace.com, was listed under the name Leatherface. Graphic images on the page included a woman with the word "loath" carved into her flesh. Love listed his occupation as "super hero/serial killer."

I think someone needs to be finding out where he got his pictures!

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Bruce Martin, a defense lawyer, said he discovered Love's MySpace page shortly after Love arrested one of his clients last month. Martin, who said he alerted prosecutors to the Web site, said he has evidence Love used excessive force on his client.

LOL! Classic! Get em' anywhich way you can! The website could be perfectly innocent. This website has images from a TV show with words carved into human flesh. Television networks broadcast worse every day. I wonder if it will be revealed as specialist sicko website or harmless malarkey?

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