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X Files - Truth And The Light

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Having watched Millennium again after a long time, I fell in love again with the craft of Mark Snow - It's the start of a 1013 rewatch - currently on Harsh Realm. I then got the idea to try and create an expanded version of The Truth And The Light without dialogue, but soon found it's such a patchwork piece it's not really faithfully possible. There are also cues that are still unreleased in original form.

However I want to document my cross referencing of the tracks on The Truth And The Light with tracks available on the LaLaLand X Files score volumes.

1    Introitus: Praeceps Transito Spatium
Music from XF EP: 2X19 Død Kalm
[Specially made for TATL by Jeff Charbonneau - contains elements from Død Kalm otherwise unreleased]

2    Materia Primoris: The X-Files Theme (Main Title)
Vol1 Disc 4: 24 The X Files Main Title (Remix)

3    Raptus
Music from XF EP: 1X79 Pilot
Vol4 Disc1: 01 Night Forest
Vol1 Disc1: 03 The Close Encounter

4    Adflatus
Music from XF EP: 2X08 One Breath
Vol1 Disc1: 21 Uniforms
[Version on TATL has the addition of a Cello playing over the piece. Either from a different unreleased cue or new version for TATL]
Vol1 Disc1: 24 Reanimation

5    Deverbero
Music from XF EP: 2X22 F. Emasculata
[Cue otherwise unreleased]*

6    Cantus Excio
Music from XF EP: 2X21 The Calusari
[Cue otherwise unreleased]*

7    Mercutura
Music from XF EP: 1X13 Genderbender
[Cue otherwise unreleased]*

8    Lamenta
Music from XF EP: 1X22 Roland
Vol1 Disc1: 10 Sweeper
Piano intro is longer on TATL

9    Insequi
Music from XF EP: 3X08 Oubliette
Vol4 Disc3: 01 West Of Easton
[2nd part with chaotic piano otherwise unreleased]*

10    Otium
Music from XF EP: 1X03 Conduit
Vol3 Disc1: 13 Another X-File

11    Dubitatio
Music from XF EP: 2x22 F. Emasculata , 1x07 Ghost in the Machine
[Cue otherwise unreleased]*

12    Iter
Music from XF EP: 3X09 Nisei
Vol1 Disc2: 03 Rail Song

13    Progigno De Axis
Music from XF EP: 3X09 Nisei
Vol1 Disc2: 03 Rail Song
[Piano part at beginning otherwise unreleased]

14    Carmen Amatorium Ex Arcanum
Music from XF EP: 2X07 3
Vol3 Disc1: 30 Bloody Jacuzzi

15    Facetus Malum
Music from XF EP: 2X20 Humbug
[Cue otherwise unreleased]

16    Memoria
Music from XF EP: 1X18 Shapes
[Cue otherwise unreleased]*

17    Mitis Lumen
Music from XF EP: 2X23 Soft Light
Vol2 Disc2: 02 Eaten by Light

18    Fides Fragilis
Music from XF EP: 1X23 The Erlenmeyer Flask
[Cue otherwise unreleased]

19    Exoptare Ex Veritas
Music from XF EP: 3X08 Oubliette
Vol4 Disc3: 02 Only Way to Escape

20    Kyrie
Music from XF EP: 3X14 Grotesque
Vol2 Disc2: 13 Disarmed
[First part specially made for TATL by Jeff Charbonneau]

*...though Shortened version without dialogue is available as part of the Mark Snow - Snow Files 'Suite From The X-Files' (also on the XF 20th Anniversary release)

Do let me know if I've made any mistakes or omissions.
I really do like The Truth and the Light, for a long time it was the only official X-Files score release available, I may even get the recent glow in the dark Vinyl, but I sure would like all cues in original form without dialogue.

It seems to have gone quiet for X Files score releases for now. Hope it's not the end of the line.

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