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Guest Actor's - Who knew?!

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Guest Darwin's Eye

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Guest Darwin's Eye

You know those actor who just appear in the one episode?  Say, a special guest.  Well, this thread is to bring light to a few of them.

I'd like to point out two.  

Episode Weeds - Terry David Mulligan.  I cant remember his exact role in the episode (Need to rewatch it), but, up here in Canada, he's a bit of a celebrity.    He use to be on Muchmusic, and hosted one of the very first 1 hour TV shows that showed Music Videos (Before Muchmusic, MTV, etc).  He still pretty big on the west coast, showcasing alot of their music on Much.   Also hosts a radio show on CKUA.

Very Last Episode Millennium (Stop crying!) - John Mann.   Who you say?  He played the Detective who investigated the murders in that episode.   No name, and had best a few shots.   But, here in Canada, he's the lead singer of Spirit of the West a pretty popular celtic/rock band.   Huge with the University crowds, and a great band.   The band big hit was Home for a Rest.

Darwin's Eye

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Guest Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury

Hmm..I thought Terry David Mulligan appeared in two episodes of Millennium. Or I quite possibly may have confused his appearance in an episode of The X Files. I'm sure he did two though.

According to the imdb he was in both 'Collateral Damage' & 'Weeds' both in the same season.

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