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Guest malus

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Guest malus


my name is jason. i've been registered here for almost a year, but have only recently started posting. i'm a firm believer that 'millennium' was the best television program ever broadcast, and unfortunately except for my love for animation, that belief has kinda ruined television for me on the whole.

i'm having a blast introducing my partner to 'millennium'. he's enthralled by it and couldn't get enough of the first season. he's completely enjoying the third season as well, and is very intrigued by the characters of frank and jordan.

while i thoroughly enjoyed the second season, i'm only showing it to him piecemeal, as the first four and last two episodes bored and angered him. he didn't like the writing and the dramatic differences in characterizations.

i freely admit to being a big fan of the third season and was really upset by the show's cancellation. in the mode of the virtual 4th season, i wrote a few of my own fan-fic 'sciptments' and i look forward to sharing them with him.

i'm glad this board is here, and i continue to look forward to new topics and discussions...

j (aka 'malus', formerly 'rampan' on the old 'broken world' forums)


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Guest RJ2000

Welcome Jason. I've read a few of your posts and feel you've got a great read on the whole "Millennium" story line. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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