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Millennium: The Complete Third Season Box Set

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Millennium: The Complete Third Season

UK Cover Art:



After 10 years with the FBI, former FBI serial killer profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) returns home to Seattle with his family . However, his work experience has left him able to "see" into the minds of killers. This makes him a valued member of the Millennium Group, a shadowy organisation dedicated to tracking evil and bringing its perpetrators to justice...

The final season of episodes comprise:

1. The Innocents

2. Exegesis


4. Closure

5. ...Thirteen Years Later

6. Skull And Bones

7. Through A Glass, Darkly

8. Human Essence

9. Omerta

10. Borrowed Time

11. Collateral Damage

12. The Sound Of Snow

13. Antipas

14. Matryoshka

15. Forcing The End

16. Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury

17. Darwin's Eye

18. Bardo Thodol

19. Seven And One

20. Nostalgia

21. Via Dolorosa

22. Goodbye To All That


1040 minutes

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary on 'The Innocents' episode from Lance Henriksen and Klea Scott
  • Audio commentary on 'Collateral Damage' episode from director Tom Wright
  • Bonus X-Files tie-in episode 'Millennium'
  • 'Inside Look': Season 3
  • Interactive menu
  • Chapter selection

Technical Details:

Certificate 18 years and over

Year 1998 - 1999

Screen 1.78 Wide Screen

Languages English - Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo

Additional Languages Italian - Dolby Digital (1.0) Mono

Subtitles English for the hearing impaired ; Italian

Duration 18 hours (approx)

Edited by The Old Man
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