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Second Coming

I knew there was something Millenniumistic ...

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.....about this case.    hahaha, oh man :rofl:

I can't believe how much Darin Morgan made fun of Millennium and Frank Black in "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense"

"I'm a roving, freelance, forensic profiler."

Tons of stuff, even down to Peter Watts asking Frank "Frank, can I consult with you a minute.

And even Frank acting cheesy/over the top about the secrecy of the Millennium group with Jose Chung. The facial expressions of Frank say it all in that line.  "you mean....the millennium group?"

And when Frank is going on about how the killer is of the same age, income etc... and Jose Chung says "ehhhhhh, wrong" and Frank kinda jumps. hahahahaha

and Jose Chung's prediction: "With that in mind,    

I humbly add my own prophecy of what the dawn of the new millennium shall bring forth: one thousand more years of the same, old crap."

I can see people that take Millennium very seriously being offended.

"Don't be so dark."

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Maybe this should be moved to the "Humor of Millennium" section. It's gotten virtually no response here.

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No need!  I just had caught up with it yet!  Actually, I had forgotten about this thread.

But how could I?!

Yeah, you picked right up on some of the greatest subtle or not so subtle humour bits in the episode.

The "consult" one is great, isn't it?!  There is soooooo much going on in that episode, it is really hard to believe they accomplished soooooo much in one episode!  This really makes me think of something Lance was quoted as saying.  I read it in The Official The X-Files Magazine "Man of the MillenniuM" article (which I have by the way).  He said something like, "Wow! We accomplished alot in the one episode..." I wonder if he was refering at all to the Doomsday ep.

I love what Chung says and how he says it after he mentions the Millennium Group for the first time.  He says, "...The Millennium Group?  Yes, Ive become aware of your mysterious little group...", as he makes a little magical gesture with his hand(s).   :rofl:   The writers and actors must have had so much fun writing and shooting this ep.

Love it!  Could talk about it for hours, literally.

Strive to Maintain Upbeatness,


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"No one came for me to sign my freakin' books!"

I also always loved the when the "Nostradamus Nutball" is about to attack Chung and Chung says "Hell's Bells". It's just the way he says it. :rofl:

p.s. and if you were wanting to move this go ahead, I posted it before I realized there was a whole section dedicated to the humor of Millennium. :D

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My favorite part of "Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense'" was when Mr. Smooth (in a very McGrane-like fashion) breaks into Chung's hotel room and he and the author have a little chat before Frank bursts in, as well. I also liked the final scene, where Chung narrates his posthumously released novel, and says, "I humbly add my own prophecy of what the next millennium will bring--one thousand more years of the same... old... crap."

My rating: Five "nutball?!"'s out of five!

Lookin' up from my own downbeat abyss,

The Stalker

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