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Thought I'd Died And Gone To Y2k!

Guest LucyButler

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Guest LucyButler

I'd been waiting for years for M to come out on DVD, checking sites, etc., every now and then. Then, a few weeks ago, I was in a used CD store in Los Angeles and sitting on the shelf was the most beautiful site I had ever seen -- a pristine, sealed box of Season 1!! I swear, I thought I'd died and gone to Y2K! I hadn't been watching the boards for several months (for a bunch of reasons), and didn't even KNOW it was out!

I watched the entire first season in 3 days :-), except for 1 episode, which I'm putting on tonight as soon as I sign off.

I was so happy to find this board; I was an X-files freak, Buffy fan, Angel aficionado, but Millenium is the best TV series by far that I've ever seen. I hate to even call it a TV series; it's more like a bunch of related indy films. All the elements of story telling that I love are in this series (I'm a writer).

It's funny, I remember the pilot being aired, and being much anticipated among us X-files fans. I was really shocked and how violent and graphic it was, and I told my friends I didn't like it. Well, after a few weeks in front of the TV I finally admitted that I LOVED it. I know actors don't like to be typecast, but I cannot watch LH in anything without thinking of the amazing performance he turned in week after week on M.

Anyway, SO GLAD to be here; I love the show, love talking about it and being in a place surrounded by others who get it. Because so many people don't.

I'm buying a region free DVD player so I can get Season 2 and 3 from Amazon UK; unless anyone has any idea when they'll be available here?

Again, thanks for starting the board; I'm loving it.


PS: I chose Lucy Butler for my board name because for YEARS I remembered that episode where she first appears and Bob dies; it scared the hell out of me the first time I saw it, and I completely forgot that it was in season one. I was so happy to see it the other day. It still scares the hell out of me.

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