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Season 3 Dvd - Episode Ratings Info

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Guest WaveCrest

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Guest WaveCrest

Just been to the BBFC and they've added every episode to the recent decisions list for video and DVD of Season 3. They're all in widescreen.

The Innocents - 12

Exegesis - 15


Closure - 15

...Thirteen Years Later - 15

Skull and Bones - 15

Through a Glass Darkly - 15

Human Essence - 15

Omerta - 12

Borrowed Time - 15

Collateral Time - 15

The Sound of Snow - 12

Antipas - 15

Matryoska - 12

Forcing the End - 15

Saturn Dreaming of Mercury - 15

Darwin's Eye - 15

Bardo Thodol - 15

Seven and One - 15

Nostalgia - 15

Via Dolorosa - 18

Goodbye to All That - 18.

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Guest WaveCrest

What, knowing it's coming out here next month? With other TV shows and films, when they're added to the same pages that hasn't always meant they're coming out soon on DVD. With MM though we knew it was coming out in the UK Season 3 but with other TV shows and films there's been no prior mention of a DVD release before the BBFC have given them a certificate.

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I'm assuming that the Season 3 is going to get released on the other side of the pond soon. Season 2 still isn't being released here in the U.S. and if the info I got is correct it won't be untill early next year. I quess I don't understand marketing so could someone tell me why Fox is witholding it from us. I'm trying not to be jealous and paronoid but when you add this to the way Fox jerked it away from us at the end of season three I DON'T TRUST THEM. Anyway you guys enjoy and maybe when can partake in the pleasures of Season 2 soon.

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