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Season 9 Bonus Disks

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Guest lilblackgirl

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Guest lilblackgirl

I've watched all seasons from one via my Netflix queue and i've really enjoyed it. I finally made it to season 9 this week and noticed that when i added the season to my queue, it had 2 bonus disks instead of one. Is there anything interesting on either or am i just wasting my time and queue space for something that i won't enjoy?



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Guest Regan MacNeil

Here's what you get:

Disk 6

1. "The Truth about Season 9" (:30) - My favorite in all the seasons' bonus features.

2. "The Making of 'The Truth'" (:90) - Behind the scenes of the finale, I thought I kind of dragged.

3. "Reflections on 'The Truth'" - Cast and crew discuss their thoughts on the series ending.

4. "X-Files: Profiles" (Monica Reyes, Brad Folmer) - Just like the 'Profiles' from other seasons

5. "Promo Spots" - I LOVE these.

6. "Special Effects..." - 4-D - "Passing through time warp"

The Lord of the Flies - "Fly boy"

John Doe - "Mexican town with matte background"

Provenance - "Calgary matte"

Audrey Pauly - "Hospital floating in void"

Improbable - "Burt as city grid"

Sunshine Days - "Room turns into outdoors"

The Truth - "CSM incenerates" "Arm into metal"

7. "Deleted Scenes" - Nothing Important...

Nothing Important...pt. II

4-D (2 scenes)

Lord of the Flys


Jump the Shark

The Truth (3 Scenes)

Disk 7

1. "Secrets of The X-Files" (:45)

2. "More Secrets of The X-Files" (:45) - These were specials Fox produced during the first three seasons of The X-Files to catch people up on the mythology. They're sort of pointless now.

3. "Reflections on The X-Files" - This is probably the best special feature on any of The X-Files season sets. Guest stars (Seth Green, Burt Reynolds, Martin Landau, Alex Trebek, Ed Asner, Peter Boyle, etc...) discuss their experiences on the show as well as a few other celebrities (Cher, Kevin Smith, etc...) who share their thoughts on the series. It should have been MUCH longer (I think it's only like 30 minutes long).

There is kind of a lot of filler on these disks, but I think "The Truth about Season 9" and DEFINITELY "Reflections on The X-Files" make both disks worth renting.

Edited by Regan MacNeil
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