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Death Takes A Front Seat..

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Guest kath

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Well, to say that I have had more than my fair share is an understatment. Maybe some of you remember me, I haven't posted for a while because my computer has been crashing and it goes stupid on me and It woudn't remember my password, and I can't find where- here is- and - well... sigh..

Sometimes I wonder if my mind blots things out to keep the madness away. Last year Nov 3 my dad died. he was buried on the 6th, and the day after my step aunt died. then in july with in two days, my aunts brother in law dies of lung cancer- the same drs who told my dad he was cured, told my aunts brother in law the same thing. The day that he died, my Sis in laws brothers child is born 3 months premi, and she lived two days before she died. In october of this year, a year to the day that my dad was put on the ventilator, my uncle had his leg amputated - the third opperation on his leg, and he died at 2 am that morning. a week after he died, my step uncle, (who had lost his wife the day after my dad was buried) died from cancer.

A few days before christmas, my ex sister in laws friend goes into the hospital with what they think is a atomac virus, they hydrate him, and because he is there, his daughter Ashley and my niece decline going to the mall with their friends. My niece calls hysterical, there was an accident and two of her & Ashleys best friends had been killed in the auto accident.

The day before christmas eve, My ex sis in law gets a call, and her friends wife was informed by the hospital that Jimmie was ready to be picked up at the hospital and could she do it as she was stuck at the mall with the million other christmas shoppers and couldn't get there herself.

They were almost all the way home when he grabs her arm and doubles over. By the time she got the car stopped, and the cell phone out, he had died. He was only 42.

my maternal aunts second husband was diagnosed with the asbestos cancer earlier this year, and each day that he is with us, is, special. He knows there is no cure, and would rather want the quality of life than what the chemo could offer. Its in both lungs, and there isn't hope of recovery.

I learned some things about my neighbors. One whom lived a mile from my house was a rapest, one of the police officers was arrested as a pedofile, and another faces charges of abusing a minor.

The girl I work with has filed restraining orders against her boyfriends family because she is a fraid they will shoot her.

and on the wierd side- a 28 yr old man gave me his name and number and wants to date me...



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