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My name is Brandon and I’m a new Millennium fan. I’ve been interested in watching the show for years, but just never ran across it until about a month ago. I ran into a used bookstore before a dentist appointment and I found seasons one and two on sale. I picked them up and I’ve been slowly watching the series since. 

I’m fascinated by the depth of the Frank Black character and how the darkness of the show is relatable in todays world. There is something therapeutic about watching this one man navigate the darkness while maintaining his sanity. 

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. 

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Since apparently you were not welcomed yet, I am going to initiate you into our cult... uh, I mean Millennium Chat Forums and Fansite "Millennium- This is who we are " , dedicated to all things Millennium. 

Here you can discuss topics with other members/fans or start a conversation on a topic that interests you concerning this very brillant tv series. On the main site, you can browse  through informations to episodes which captured your curiosity or read contemporary behind-the-scenes insights. Please feel free to submit analysis or reviews to share your perspective.   But enough of the explaining, it's best you just go on and discover for yourself. 

Should any questions arise, don't hesitate to ask the Old (and very wise) Man, our Elder Administrator.  

A little something about me: I am Little Legion and a new member myself. Currently on Season 2 and loving it. 

Thank you for keeping the memory of this awesome serial alive!

I hope you have a good stay and will continue enjoying this site and series! 



Little Legion 

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