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Songs In Bardo Thodol

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Guest tricky2k

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Guest tricky2k

First of all, hello

My first message in this forum, first topic in this subforum, how nice. Well, the question.

In the episode Bardo Thodol there's a couple of songs of the band Huun-Huur-Tu, you know, that chorus of voices inside the Tibetan temple. One of the songs is "Prayer", the info is available in all the MLM dedicated sites around the net, but, the one i want to know isn't mentioned anywhere. Not here, in millenniumdesktop, not in the fourthhorseman or other sites. I've heard some full albums of the band and i couldn't find that song. It's the one that sounds when Frank gets into the Tibetan temple, until he meets Dr. Takahashi, about the minute 21:40, kinda bizarre single voice playing two, even three, notes at once.

I wonder if any of you knows what's that song and the album where i can find it, or if it was released only for the episode. I'd really apreciate some feedback.

Thanks in advance

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I have two of their albums including the one with "Prayer" on it. I'll watch that episode again and listen to the albums and see if it's on one of them.

Definitely not on their first two albums. They didn't have many songs with the khomuz (jew's harp).

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