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Somehow Satan Got Behind Me

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Guest Second Coming

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Guest Second Coming
I watched this ep the other day again because it just cracks me up. And I noticed the poster. And it was done in the style of FOX except is said ANT(American Network Television). hahahaha I'm surprised they got away with some of the stuff they did in this episode.
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Yeah, that poster is great, isn't it!   :laugh:   I absolutely love that the writers sought out whatever subtle or not so subtle means of making fun of Fox and the whole industry!  I love the story about the arguement with the Fox censor that inspired the whole character and story of Broadcast Standards and Practices!   Really great stuff!

I really have never encountered anything quite like the humour of MillenniuM.  I mean, I have definitely looked for it elsewhere, and there are some places where one could find, perhaps, some small facsimile of MLM's humour.  But, I have never quite seen it reproduced.  Not even in Morgan and Wong films, where you can get a feel for it, but it just not the same.

Nor even in The X-Files.  Here again, there are similarities, at times, but there is just something completely unique about it.  Actually, the same is true of The X-Files.  I have never really found anything that really comes too close to resembling the humour of the X-Files.  The 1013 shows and their humour were really one of a kind.  I hope we get to see it again in another show by CC or any of the other writers or producers of the 1013 family.


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