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"the Sound Of Snow" Screen Captures Up

Guest chrisnu

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Guest chrisnu

Screen captures from "The Sound of Snow" are now up; the shots turned out well, and I hope you enjoy them. Here's the website address to access them:


They can also be accessed at:


I'll leave you with this:


"HELP! I am stuck in a bottle of bubble tea!"


"The triple shots in the Caramel Frappuccino have to go."


*cue "The Bitch is Back"*

"You're here, and you're still hot!"

"Let's just say that the subconscious can express themselves in so many amazing ways."


"So I can do all manner of profane things upon your person, and you won't care?"


"Someone get this man laid."




"Oh God."

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LOL! :eyes:

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