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3rd Season - Finally!

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Guest Bob Bletcher

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Guest Bob Bletcher

I did not watched the 3rd season before, because it did not air in broadcast TV in my country (only in cable), but I finally had to opportunity to watch now the DVD box was released around here.

I´m a big fan of Season 1, and one of the few who dislkes Season 2 (i don´t hate it, but i do not support the changes made by M&W), and after watching S3 i may say that i found it to be much more enjoyable and far superior than S2. In fact, i thought that it was GREAT, almost as good as S1.

Anyway, my favorite moments in S3:

- "Closure": the first GREAT episode in the Season, very very good, very suspenseful and disturbing;

- "Through a Glass, Darkly": another brilliant episode, very Season 1-like.

- "Omerta": beautiful holyday special; not as good as Midnight of the Century, though.

- "Collateral Damage": I´m a big fan of Peter Watts, and i loved this episode.

- "Antipas": LUCY BUTLER!

- "Darwin's Eye": very suspenseful, liked it a lot;

- "Bardo Thodol": FANTASTIC episode; disturbing, bizarre, intriguing; very Lynchan-esque; my second favorite this season.

- "Goodbye to All That": my favorite this season; and one of my favorite MM episodes ever; although not complety satisfing as a series conclusion (as it left lots of loose ties), it was a very moving, very powerful and emotional episode. I felt very sad after the credits began to show.

Too bad S4 was never made. Let´s hope FOX greenlights the movie someday.

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