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Google Earth Avian Flu Database

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Members have put astounding stats in this application.

If you have the program (free download) click on any of the highlighted dots for info on reported outbreaks numbers of birds culled/ destroyed/infected.

Also links to wild bird migration routes.

Interesting topic in GE community forums. Questions from Turkish member on ineffectual government response

Bird Flu

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Lol, Maybe I am too obsessed.

I think it's a heck of a way to track if the virus is actually spread by wild bird migration.

Some speculation by GE comm posters is the jump the virus makes. Evidence seems to point to the migrating birds but ..

GE Community forum

"One thing really tickles my mind is Turkey is the first country after the Indian China. Now how come these birds fly all the way and no other country suffers from bird flu.1) Is Turkey too open to declare everything?


2) All the neighbouring countries or the countries on the fly-route of these birds -like Northern Black Sea countries, Iran, Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt etc hiding the case from public...

Any suggestions? ....

Response: there are cases in neighboring countries.

1. But some are not so open to public (we are democracy).

2. Our integrated sites are not affected and the cases are from the open-field feeding. There are no case from the West since they almost have no open-field feeding. "

Still, it's a worrysome question.

Add to it, US involvement

GE Com Forum

"Here is the case:

A US committee is visiting the sites. The committee is composed of representatives of the departments of Agriculture, Health and DEFENCE.

It is announced that our ally has come to see how they can help us. Sorry, could you repeat it, please? -------------"

Though I'm sure these people have no knowledge of the Marburg implications in Millennium there still seems - between the lines - concerns of where this came from so suddenly in '97.

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